Paper Mass

Architectural construction is systems thinking. The way that structural element meet and are organised has a long tradition of being understood through repeated elements. Where industrialism and event of mass construction introduced an automation of these sytem in respect to fabrication, we are now entering a time focussed on nuancing these systems through methods of mass customisation where each members is individualised allowing us to imagine a more site and use sensitive architecture. In this workshop we looked at methods for understaning the design and production parameters needed to work with mass customisation. The aim for the workshop is buil a tower made of paper that will be realised in full scale at the public event Forskningen Dogn (24 hours research).The workshop seeks to devise and develop the design intent, detail and construction of this tower. We had to build speculative scale models, full scale prototypes and a test demonstrator. The project takes point of departure in the CITA’s (Center for Information Technology and Architecture) project «It’s a SMALL world».

Tutors : Mette Ramsgard Thomsen (Professor and head of CITA) + Martin Tamke