Crossing Corridors

This project deals with notions of movement and representation. The initial idea was to create a signal building that draws a large audience according to the inner activity. Indeed, the main hall has been conceived as an interface between the city and the world of dance and music, an insertion where professionals, music students and pedestrian could interact. The building optimize the crossroad configuration with its two neutral facades East – South and by emphasizing its transversal axe as an urban event. That inner dynamic will be active all day long. In the same idea, the evening’s performances become micro urban events, when social life can feet with cultural life. All the spaces were defined by their uses in terms of movement. Thus, the staging and administratif spaces are concentrated in the middle of the structure and the others spaces are linked by crossing corridors. Regarding to sustainable development, the whole building is as an auto-regulated ventilation thanks to the different boxes that shelter different parts of the program. The insulation can be ajusted according to the seasons with a double skin system (use of translucide glass combined with a roof made of orientable glass panels). During winter and night, the glass panels rotate to create a close surface that reduce heat loss and avoid condensation. During summer, the glass panels rotate 45° and protect from solar exposure while heat excess is evacuated outside by mecanical ventilaion shutters.

Tutors : Pascal Gontier + Marc Benard / Studio Critics :