Les petits libres champs

Client’s request for her bookshop extension was clear: create a cosy space dedicated to children. On one hand, the shop will sell youth literature and school supplies and on the other hand, candies and goodies for kids. The size of the room (only 12m²) leads us to a reflexion on small space and design adapt to that configuration. How can furniture gives identity to a space and optimize its use? We decided to create a steel band that would snail all along the room and so integrate different aims: book shelf, sales counter, display shelf and roof lights. This way, the space keeps consistency and the design adapt to needs and specific situations. This furniture is punctuated with boxes of different sizes and colors in order to separate the goodies and candies from the books. This project took exactly 6 weeks from the conception to the delivery to the customer.

Location : 124 rue d’Assas, Paris 6ème arr / Publication : MILK magazine (feb,n°31 ,p.26). Architect in charge : Smoothcore Architects

Model / Research (1:50)