Drunken Isle

Drunken Isle framed.jpg

« From banality to entrancement, from worry to meditation, from terra firma to controlled waters. Before the bird, the angel, the demon, the island is the key term that describes the human essence. It speaks of space in the age of the amphibian kingdoms. He who speaks of the island conjure up an idea of something that is more intrinsic to the speaker than he is himself. The work evokes the notion of a place beyong the horizon that has been waiting since immemorial for its rightul owner to visit it. Just as the soul is the possibility of an island, so the island is the possibility of a soul« 

Drawing realised based on the reading of Peter Sloterdijk, « The Drunken Isle » in Insular Insight: where Art and Architecture conspire with Nature (2011, p.33), paper and ink (65x50cm)