Den Stald


The Art Community Center stand into four buildings and its respectif extensions. Based on the idea of conciliation between an old structure and a new one, the project offers three types of spaces : the outdoor (landscape and surroundings of the farm), the indoor (a temperature controled space where activities take place) and the «in-between» (the third place created between the old and existing structure).

Inside and outside are part of the project and the distance between different spaces is crucial. Weather and climatic conditions in the countryside are important elements to take in consideration and the program developed in that reconverted farm must be flexible enought  to operate within these boundaries. Depending on the season, the three spaces are more or less used. Program evolves according to the people who use the space, the weather and if it’s a standart day or an exhibition day. Mobility study helps at defining different areas of use and try to highlight the relation between all the buildings.

Tutors : Jan Søndergaard + Maria Gomez-Guillamon / Studio Critics : Johnny Svendborg Andersen, Martin Kock, Thomas Ryborg Jorgensen