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Alexandre Braleret received his diploma from l’Ecole Nationale d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais with honours in 2012 after studying architecture and design in France and Denmark. He qualified as an architect in 2013, currently working in Beijing.

He started working in Copenhagen in 2011 on sustainable housing research alongside developing art installations in partnership with the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He became part of Les Ateliers Jean Nouvel a year later in Paris where he worked on a number of international competitions and influential projects. He joined the London-based practice Fletcher Priest in 2013 as one of the architects for Angel Court, a 25 stories tower located in the City of London comprising a new glass façade wrapping a 1970s existing core. Completed in 2017, the building got awarded “Tall building of the year” by the Architectural Journal.

Both his experiences in Denmark, France and UK formed the base of what he is excited to keep on developing today: a multicultural approach of innovative design and challenging schemes with high quality delivering.